At Batik SuriThe obsession to hunt and collect authentic handmade started when my boyfriend-now-husband gave me an authentic handmade ‘Terengganu’ batik as a gift. I fell in love with the cracked wax effects and the motifs used. The ‘Terengganu’ batik pieces are more rustic and coarser in term of design applications and techniques compared to other batik. But those qualities really triggered the thrill for me to actually hunt down one-off or rare batik pieces inĀ east coast Malaysia.

I hope my batik findings will find a place in your heart. All the batik pieces in my collections are very dear and precious because I believe each has its own storyteller who soaked his/her story in the dyes and hot wax and pressed it in the cloth that will held for centuries. Their ‘stories’ have become my comfort and inspiration in everyday life and that is why I took up sewing and made clothing & home itemsĀ from these batiks for everyday comfort-booster!