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Batik in the City

Being a city girl myself, I realised and understand that it is quite difficult to wear batik sarong in everyday wear. So, I made simple outer wear such as bat-wing blouses and comfort pants so anyone can just slip in batik in their already everyday wear. I hope you will find the batik piece that […]

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Batik Suri Projex

Welcome! I started searching and collect authentic handmade Malaysia’s cotton batik sarongs since 2013, mostly from the east-coast regions. The project begun when my boyfriend-now-husband gave me a’ Terengganu’ cotton batik as a gift. In an instant, I fell in love with the motifs, colour and block-stamping batik technique. Every wax cracks, each layers of […]

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Suri Adventure!

The obsession to hunt and collect authentic handmade started when my boyfriend-now-husband gave me an authentic handmade ‘Terengganu’ batik as a gift. I fell in love with the cracked wax effects and the motifs used. The ‘Terengganu’ batik pieces are more rustic and coarser in term of design applications and techniques compared to other batik. […]

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